VitalSana – the temple of wellness

Time for a well-deserved wellness break? Step into the VitalSana spa and thermal suite, try several different saunas and let yourself be pampered with a choice of massages and treatments before you indulge in some sweet-do-nothing in the relaxation room or on the lawn. Treat yourself in between to some healthy snack offered in the course of our ¾ board.

Everything flows.


Shower area


With its soothing scent, the organic sauna made of white birch wood is the centrepiece of our VitalSana thermal suite, but there is plenty more to experience in the wellness area of Hotel Cappella, like the relaxing, regenerating effects of colour light therapy. While you have a healthy sweat in the Finnish sauna, the view to the Serles, Rote Wand, Kesselspitze, Roten Kopf, Wasenwand, Hammerspitze and Kirchdachspitze mountain peaks will lull you into a state of deep relaxation and contentment. The infrared cabin is the perfect choice if you wish to combine the soothing effects of heat with a boost to your immune system. Step into the herbal steam bath to improve blood circulation and enjoy a stimulating infusion with local mountain herbs – it feels fantastic!

Vitality massages

Treat your body and mind to a well-deserved holiday in the Stubai valley and put yourself in the expert hands of our massage professionals:


  • Sports massage
    45 min. – 55.00 €
  • Full-body massage (back, legs)
    45 min. – 55.00 €
  • Partial body massage (back or legs)
    25 min. – 33.00 €
  • Foot reflexology massage
    25 min. – 33.00 €
  • Combined massage (back and foot reflexology)
    50 min. – 60.00 €
  • Aromatic oil massage
    50 min. – 60.00 €

Asian massages

  • Thai Yoga Body Massage The origins of this massage technique go back more than 2,500 years. According to the method developed by the Watpo school in Bangkok, pressure and stretching movements are applied to massage the body along its ten main energy lines (Sen lines). Please wear loose clothing for this treatment (training trousers, T-shirt).
    80 min. – 88.00 € 
  • Thai foot massage Tapping into Thai tradition, this foot- and leg massage is carried out using a special oil mixture that helps soothe sore muscles after sports.
     45 min. – 55.00 €
  • Shyroabhyanga – Indian head massage This Ayurvedic head massage, carried out with aromatic oils, strengthens and relaxes the body and mind.
    45 min. – 55.00 €
  • Singing bowl massage The sound of singing bowls releases tension, stimulates self-healing and unleashes the creative energy.
    45 min. – 55.00 €

From our reviews:

"The small spa is very nice with an infrared cabin, a Finnish, an organic and a steam sauna. The outdoor area has lawn and a small covered terrace. In the well-designed relaxation room with comfortable chairs, calm music, and candles– you just feel good."