Discover the Stubai valley by MTB

As one of the regions featuring in Mountain Bike Holidays, the Austrian special-interest holiday portal, the Stubai valley is a dream destination for mountain bikers. Its 720 km of MTB trails vary from challenging to leisurely and from impressive to idyllic; all of them wind through spectacular landscapes over a total elevation gain of 13,000 metres.


The first steep climbs start right next to our hotel in Neustift. All meticulously signposted, the trails attract throngs of bike enthusiasts from all walks of life: beginners and pros, MTB veterans and leisure cyclists, E-bike enthusiasts and reckless freeriders.

Dedicated services for your MTB holiday

Bikers and mountain bikers are especially welcome at Natura Vitalis Hotel Cappella. We have devised a range of dedicated services to help you spend a carefree MTB holiday.

Hotel amenities

  • Secure bike parking in a locked depot
  • Drying facilities for cycling clothing and shoes
  • MTB washing station


  • Breakfast buffet with muesli and fresh fruit
  • Light, low-fat dishes
  • Snacks

Competent service

  • Fast, friendly assistance: we answer all your questions about mountain biking, the Stubai valley and the surroundings
  • Special sports massages for sore muscles
  • Opportunity to exchange experiences with other bikers
  • A bike card for your MTB tours in the Stubai valley
  • Rental of mountain bikes and helmets at nearby shops (charges apply)

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.

Storm Jameson

MTB Stubai valley

Different trails for different cyclists – what type are you?

Extreme cyclist

You can tackle elevation gains exceeding 1,000 m, steep gradients, and partly unpaved trails demanding good stamina and technique. You are well equipped and well acquainted with high Alpine terrain. You welcome single trails and do not mind having to push or carry your bike for long stretches.


Athletic cyclist

You are a well-trained cyclist who does not shy away from steep gradients but avoids extreme terrains. To you, sporting challenge and landscape are both important parts of the experience. You are well equipped and reasonably experienced.


Leisure cyclist

“The way is the goal” might very well be your motto. Your cycling focuses on the experience as a whole and you take time to enjoy the landscape and the culinary attractions along the way. Beginners and connoisseurs who like to exercise outdoor and use – or rent – good equipment belong in this category.


Eclectic cyclist

You fit into one of the first three cyclist types but you are looking for panoramic, possibly family-friendly trails to share with others. However, you would not mind using your racing bike, either.

Tips for your MTB tours in the Stubai valley

Make the most of your summer holidays in the Stubai valley and enjoy our selection of MTB tours!


Easy routes for beginners 

  • 566 Short valley tour
  • 569 Falbeson – Oberhausalm
  • 573 Krößbach – Bichlhof – Milders
  • 575 Valley tour


Intermediate routes

  • 514 Vergör
  • 556 König Serles
  • 557 Zauberwald tour
  • 558 Miederer Berg
  • 559 Kreuzweg
  • 560 Radelweg Sonnenstein
  • 563 Telfer Wiesen tour
  • 564 Pfarrachalm
  • 565 Telfer Berg
  • 568 Milders – Oberissalm
  • 570 Falbesoner – Ochsenalm
  • 571 Pinnistal – Karalm
  • 572 Round tour
  • 574 Elfer – Autenalm – Klamperbergalm
  • 585 Tour of the pastures


Challenging routes for MTB pros

  • 561 Wildeben bike climb
  • 562 Schlicker – Kalkkögel