Nordic walking

The beauty of Nordic walking is that, unlike other sports, it does not focus on high performance or competition. What started as a training technique for cross-country skiers has now evolved into a sport in its own right – and an increasingly trendy one, too. Nordic walking is a concentrate of all the best things sport can offer: vitality, relaxation, contact with nature, fun and fitness with no age limit.

Unsurprisingly, this discipline of Scandinavian origin has been gaining momentum in the last few years, becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities here in the Stubai valley, too.

Nordic walking – The fountain of youth for the body and mind

Take advantage of your holiday in the Stubai valley to practise Nordic walking: it strengthens the body while also soothing the mind. An ideal alternative to trekking, Nordic walking helps sharpen your body awareness, improve your metabolism and increase calorie consumption. It also strengthens your shoulder, back and chest muscles.


One of the main advantages of Nordic walking is that it requires minimal equipment: you can borrow your Nordic walking poles free of charge at Hotel Cappella!

Our tip: the Health Trail Nordic walking route

Halfway through the 5 km-long trail leading from the leisure centre in Neustift to Krößbach, there is a fitness station where you can train your muscles and check your heart rate. Info panels spread along the entire trail provide useful training tips, ranging from the correct walking technique to recommended stretching exercises as well as alternative jogging trails with relevant length indications.

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.

Rainer Maria Rilke